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    Nextcloud 14 SMB share not working in 11.2

    I took the plunge and upgraded from FN 11.1-U6 to 11.2 release. I have not sealed the deal by upgrading the ZFS pool (don't know if it is needed for my issue). Since then my preexisting Nextcloud warden jail (via plugin) stopped having access to the SMB shares that I previously set up (working...
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    PHP 7.0 SMB-Client module

    Wondering if anyone has had success with a PHP 7.0 version module of an smbclient. Only one I can find is pecl-smbclient-0.8.0_1 but that forces the removal of PHP 7.0 and install 5.6, I don't want 5.6. My goal is to enable SMB/CIFS sharing in Nextcloud.