slow cifs

  1. R

    Slow SMB access causing backup failures

    I have a few FreeNAS VM's and we're testing pushing data to them from backup software called Novastor which is installed on a seperate windows server. Accessing the shares through file explorer on the windows server seems a bit slow. About 30 seconds from connecting to being able to access the...
  2. funnyprinter

    SLOW CIFS/SMB file transfer on Mac [bug]

    How to configure CIFS that local and domain users have fast transfer speeds? I'm setting up a new FreeNAS. I do have massive performance issues using CIFS / SMB / Samba in combination with an Active Directory (AD) structure. Local as well as domain users transfer data really slow. There as...
  3. Iz Oz

    SOLVED Slow CIFS write speed

    Hello, I am new to FreeNAS and am not all that savvy with the technical side of things, but I'm a quick learner. I have been doing my best to read through various posts of similar issues so that I could solve this on my own but have hit a stopping point. The issue I'm having is slow write...