shadow copies

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    SOLVED Cannot select periodic snapshot task at SMB share (Shadow Copy)

    I failed to find the solution on google or on this forum so maybe some of you guys can help. I'm running on FreeNAS-11.1-U5 (please see signature for more info) Shadow Copies are working on all my SMB shares, except one. I cannot select the periodic snapshot task in the advanced settings...
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    Windows share, .recycle and shadow copies

    Hey Funny story, I made my nas around 6 months ago, 25tb, 18tb usable. Everything is amazing so far but I got down to 500gb free and I was trying to get some space back... funny enough took me a while and then a hdd folder scan to see where my space went and to my surprise... boom .recycle bin...
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    ZFS Snapshots, Shadow copies, performance and fragmentation?

    Hi, Embarrassingly despite using FreeNAS for over 2 years now, I only use snapshots on my jails, not my main data set. My main reason was, I thought I had to restore an entire snapshot to recover files, but I've recently discovered some reddit and forum posts here, indicating we could browse...