sata dom

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    Design consideration for SLOG

    Hello everyone, Planning out a new FreeNAS build that I'm quite excited about. Here's the lineup I've got planned so far: Chassis: Supermicro SYS-5019S-WR (Includes the Motherboard and PSUs) Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSW-F CPU: Xeon E3-1240V6 RAM: 16gb Micron MTA18ASF2G72AZ-2G3A1 Boot Disk...
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    iX FreeNAS Mini XL 2nd SATA DOM?

    Hello all I am setting up my Mini XL, and see that it has QTY (1) 16GB SATA DOM for boot. I have always ran my FreeNAS systems with 2 USB flash drives in a mirror as a safety measure. How can this be accomplished when I'm using a SATA DDOM? Do I need another SATA DOM, or can I use a 16Gb USB...