sata 3

  1. A

    Camcontrol report 136Mb/s for SSD

    Hi, I installed the TrueNAS-12.0-U6.1 on a HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 with 3 Smart HBA H240 with 24 SATA SSD attached to it. Everything work well until i start to make some test benchmarks etc for the pool. Then i realized that maybe my SSD are not config as best ( using some WD BLUE 1 TB SSD SATA...
  2. mhweb

    Can I use any PCIe SATA expansion card to add more storage ports in FreeNAS

    I'm having a hard time finding a micro ATX motherboard with support for ECC memory and at least 8 SATA ports, so I was thinking on getting an expansion card to increase the number of hard drive ports. However, I don't know if FreeNAS has any issues with most PCIe expansion cards. Can I just add...
  3. pro lamer

    C606 SAS1/SATA2 for 2-3TB 2.5" SATA drives

    I think it may be treated as a sanity check thread... Should anyone use a 2TB or 3TB 2.5" HDD with the X9DRL-3F SAS/SATA2 ports - please post :) Long story short: can one safely use X9DRL-3F's SCU's SAS/SATA2 ports for 2-3TB 2.5" SATA drives? I've seen posts in our forums giving warnings...
  4. T

    BUILD mpcie to 2 sata 3 ports on netbook is not working, might be drivers

    Hi im making a freenas with my old netbook, it is an acer aspire one 270, 1gb ram 32bit, i know its not a good setup, im just testing it out, there are no sata ports on this netbook, so i bought a mpcie to 2 sata 3 ports adapter link...