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    Home Media Server Behind VPN (help?)

    What I want seems straightforward, but I've been working on it for weeks with no success. I want my FreeNAS server to run plex, sabnbz, nbzhydra2, sonarr, and a movie downloading service yet to be decided. I want all my devices on my local network to be able to access any of these services. I...
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    SOLVED How do i set this up?

    Hi all, I am struggling with a setup at the moment, quick run down - Created an NFS pool named media and copied content from my old media server to it - Was not able to properly get a vm running Sonarr, Sabnzbd and plex running from it properly (plex wasn't able to playback the content) -...
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    Sabnzb FN11, can't create folders

    Hi, I am having trouble getting my sabnzb plugin working. I have made a jail and pointed media/download to /mnt/media/download, which is a smb share. When I from the sabnzb webgui try to set incomplete folder I get this message "Cannot create download_dir folder /media/download/incomplete" I...