1. R

    rsync issues when building new server: ~tmp~ dirs & endless syncs

    Hi forum. Long time listener, first time caller. I am setting up a brand new FreeNAS 11.1 box and migrating all data and jails from my ageing 9.3 install. I couldn't do zfs snapshot transfer (apparently I needed 9.10 or later on the older server, I'm not sure why) so I switched on rsyncd on the...
  2. ChrisP

    rsyncd configuration

    Since upgrading to FreeNAS 11, rsyncd has stopped working properly. Specifically, when I attempt to connect to FreeNAS using rsync, I see the following in daemon.log Sep 28 13:36:06 jasper rsyncd[43032]: auth failed on module storage from UNKNOWN ( for backup: no secrets file I...
  3. ManfredU

    rsyncd does not preserve file ownership

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with 9.10 nightlies where I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there is an issue with FreeNAS.... I try to use the rsyncd service for backing up data from an older FreeBSD server. Although I'm using the -a parameter when sending the data to the rsync daemon...