rsync backup freenas 9.10

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    Backup Freenas (Software?)

    I have a Freenas server I've been running. I was backing it up with Acronis on a Windows Machine (I know, I know). I have spent the day with rsync going line by line through all the docs and Internet information and I am about to give up. This is a fresh backup, so the disks in the other...
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    RSYNC- please verify my config

    Hi guys, first, as I don't post much here, I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the community, the info on here has helped me out a lot in the past. Thanks for that! To my issue: I have 2 FreeNas (both 9.10, stable, newest updates) Servers in 2 locations and want to sync...
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    Does closing the browser end shell...

    I logged into the shell and started an RSYNC to transfer to remote server. I closed the browser so now I'm curious...I could wait 12 hours haha...but since I closed the browser, will that end the RSYNC?
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    Rsync SSH from NAS to Ubuntu - Automated

    There are a lot of articles showing how to go from linux to FreeNAS or Windows to FreeNAS but I haven't been able to find any guide that can help me Rsync through SSH from FreeNAS to a Linux. I'm trying to backup the FreeNAS system at my office to an offsite Ubuntu Server 14.04. If I need to...
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    Backup per rsync auf eine interne Wechselplatte?

    Hallo in die Runde, gestern habe ich mir Freenas 9.10 auf einen PC installiert und mehrere Freigaben eingerichtet. Diese sind auf einem Windows PC gemappt und das schreiben und lesen darin funktioniert wunderbar. Die Daten liegen auf einem Raid1 zb. unter /mnt/MIRROR/Privat...