1. T

    Can I use freenas server as a router?

    Hello community I hope you are well, forgive my ignorance but I have a question and I have been investigating but I cannot find concrete answers. My question is: Can I use the freenas server as a router (enable routing)?
  2. itskando

    openVPN couldn't connect in location with same router model

    I followed the Bibi40k install openVPN guide to setup a VPN server. This works in most places, but when connecting the client in a separate residence (which happens to use the same router [Google Wifi] and the same local network [] as the server location), the client could not...
  3. itskando

    SOLVED Router doesn't see jail IP

    Someone mentioned forwarding ports on my router for a specific jail. The jail has a static IP. My router actively sees my freeNAS OS IP, and the plex and transmission plugin IPs. It does not see the openVPN jail IP. Is there some jail parameter or service that is necessary to advertise the...
  4. VladTepes

    New modem and router - can't find FreeNAS or IPMI

    I have replaced a failing fritzbox (modem/router) with a basic TP-link modem-router (we'll call this "modem") which is then connected to a fancy TP-Link router (we'll call this "router".) After some fiddling I have got the modem to work, and the router to work. The router Wi-Fi works fine. My...
  5. P

    How to access router GUI from FreeNAS

    Hi, I have a simple home network: router -> freenas, other devices. I currently manage freenas remotely by ssh and tunneling with PuTTY. I would like to access the remote router's GUI to change some settings. I can ping it from freenas... but I'm not sure how to relay a connection to access...
  6. D

    Unable to find Plex server after IP change

    Hi, I recently added another router (Google Wifi) to my network and moved my nas to the new router and in doing so the ip for the nas changed from to Since the change I have not be able to find the plex server. the plex web UI says it can't find the server. I...
  7. C

    Ports and Server Accessibility

    Hello, I currently have FN 11 with two servers on it. FreeBSD setup using jails gui and used as a webserver with nextcloud on it Ubuntu setup using iohyve to run a Collabora Docker container I made the nextcloud web accessible by pointing the A record of a subdomain on my hosted domain...