1. D

    Replacing a faulty drive from a raidz2 array

    I have a raidz2 array of 6 x 4tb wd reds. One of the drives are now reporting smart failures so I contacted the retailer for an rma. They would like me to send in the drive for evaluation and repair. Freenas would report the array as degraded when I remove the drive, but would it be fine to run...
  2. m00nraker

    SUPERMICRO X10SLH-F: not for RMA accepted after 3 years, even if not EOL ?

    Hi dear guys. I'm a silent reader in this forum. But now I got into some trouble with my SUPERMICRO motherboard and I would appreciate your advice. Maybe I am looking for an alternative to my SUPERMICRO board. In the last weeks I realized, that there is an BIOS and IPMI update for the...
  3. Heigre

    SOLVED Possible to use zfs-pool while 1/2 drives has been RMA'ed and awaiting replacement?

    Build: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 Drives: Seagate IronWolf 4 TB Number of drives in zfs pool: 2 Pool type: Mirrored Description: One of my two drives needs to be RMA'ed. The two drives are mirrored in a ZFS-pool. It it possible to remove the faulty drive (putting the faulty drive into offline and...
  4. A Bull With Yogurts

    Is this an RMA?

    Hi all, Just returned from a couple of weeks off-grid, and noticed my weekly SMART long test (screenshots below) started throwing an error 8 days ago. Reran the test manually overnight just to check and there's definitely a persistent and reproducible error. I'm working through this...
  5. N

    Should I RMA this hard drive?

    Hi, I've been undertaking burn in tests on a new configuration, before installing FN10. I'm getting errors on a hard drive, but it seems to have passed extended smart tests and 4 bad block tests. Results shown below. My question is, should I be looking to RMA the drive given that there are...
  6. Seani

    RAM Error during Burn-In - RMA?

    I am currently (for 48h already) burning in ten 8TB Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS drives in my server using badblocks (all at the same time using tmux). Before that, I ran short, conveyance and long S.M.A.R.T tests on the drives. Initially I let memtest86 have two full passes on my RAM without any...