1. Simon Mackenzie

    Reverse Proxy Best Practice -- Jail - VM - Separate Box

    What are the pros and cons for setting up a reverse proxy in either a Jail, VM or separate box to service a number of sub domains in separate Jails and VM's? Eg. Etc. all serviced through a reverse proxy...
  2. ZodiacUHD

    HOW-TO: Set up NGINX to reverse proxy your jails w/ Certbot

    Disclaimer: -I'm making this guide simply to help other people, i just put together multiple guides found on the internet (which i'll post below). This is meant to be as easy as it gets for a newbie to get NGINX to reverse proxy using https. -What is a reverese proxy...
  3. ZodiacUHD

    Any guide on reverse proxy with nginx?

    Hello everyone, i've been struggling the past couple of days: i'd like to setup up reverse proxying in order to get something like this: My knowledge is quite basic and i'm one of those guys who needs a very very very...