1. it_rc

    /var/tmp getting filled up by VeeamAgent?

    ::edit (with fix!):: The solution was, for me, anyways, to remove my NAS as a managed server from VBR. I initially had it as both a backup repository and managed server, but was using for neither, so when I removed it as a managed server, those files stopped being produced. ::end edit:: My...
  2. S

    Unable to connect to shares on windows (access denied)

    Hello, I am extremely new to FreeNAS, but ran into a issue trying to connect to shares on windows 7. Have watched several youtube videos and followed several guides I seen, but not sure where I am failing at to get it working. Have remade a user several times and currently have 'testuser' in...
  3. B

    Migrate Nextcloud from warden to iocage

    It seems I've updated something in my warden Nextcloud that now prevents mysql from starting. I get an error indicating a problem using "fdatasync" which from searching indicates that I need to move to a later freebsd jail version (iocage). Rendering Nextcloud useless for now. Great. The...
  4. N

    SOLVED Unable to GPT format the disk "multipath/disk1"

    Hi, I try to create a pool with some disks (using SAS multipath) and having the following error "Unable to GPT format the disk "multipath/disk1" using the Volume Manager GUI What i can say: The disk was formated using sg_format in order to use 512 bytes per sectors. I have ...
  5. J

    SOLVED FreeNAS 9.10 Kernel Panics Upon Import.

    Hello All, I was recently (today) wondering why my FreeNAS system wasn't responding so I headed to my server room only to find this on the monitor: So, it appears my FreeNAS system rebooted for some reason and was unable to import my pool upon reboot. I tried rebooting again and again the...