1. Dice

    SOLVED Resilio web ui wont launch

    Hello, I'm trying to setup Resilio. I've followed this guide by iX systems with regards to settings: The plugin starts, I get the box to press "here" then however: the local link times out without loading a page. Any suggestions? Edit: I forgot...
  2. Willy666

    Resilio e win7

    perché resilio non si installa su Windows 7? Si blocca proprio tra i processi
  3. Caleb Surface

    Jail Permissions when using Active Directory

    I am working to get Resilio set up as a plugin, but I can't seem to figure out how to get access to the share permissions working for it. It continues to tell me it's missing write permissions and therefore it won't add the folder. I am using Active Directory, and every share permission is set...
  4. D

    BTSync Plugin Missing?

    Hey guys, I've read around this forum and the internets and I don't see anything saying BTSync has been removed from FreeNAS.. but when I load up the plugins, I do not see it show up.. I also see Resilio, it seems to be related in functionality and BTSync's page redirected me there. Does this...