1. a13519

    Replication but no files cloned

    I am trying to backup my pool to another disk locally, but no real files copied. FreeNAS: FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1 Source Pool: PinkPlanet, it's local pool Destination Pool: PurpleTank, there is no space issue in the pool and it is a local pool associated Steps: zfs snapshot -r PinkPlanet@PP5...
  2. N

    Offsite backup suggestions

    I'm hoping someone with experience can give me some guidance/point me in the right direction (sorry if I'm using the right terminology, but I hope my background info/question will still make sense.) Background: I am a home user, running FreeNAS 8.3-RELEASE-p6 and has a RAIDZ2 pool (4x6TB Disks)...
  3. M

    Problem with replication sending

    I have a strange behaviour with replication tasks most of the time they work just fine but then once in a while they kind of seem stuck? So I have the following process output: 95862 - I 0:01.31 zfs: sending Storage/xxxx@auto-20170329.0900-5m (100%: 29184312/19970368) (zfs) couple of minutes...
  4. O

    Adding second FreeNAS server for backup.. best drive configuration

    Hey guys, Looking for some help with this one. I am looking at adding a second FreeNAS server at a remote location for off site backup (replication). I am ok with the hardware setup but was wondering about the drive config. I am going to have the following drives when i start the project...