1. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED replacing components

    Hallo everybody, first I'm not 100% sure if this topic belongs here, so correct me if I'm wrong. My question is about the replacement of specific components. I don't want a manual but only a short information for two cases. Case 1 - A HDD fails : If a HDD fails, can I just replace it with a...
  2. P

    FreeNAS for Crashplan build

    Hi everyone. I am planning to set a FreeNAS build to help me with my crashplan backup. As crashplan in moving to end the family subscription, and with the dollar rates floating, we won't be able to keep more than 2 machines. The plan is to keep my main machine and a spare one to achieve the...
  3. wblock

    FreeNAS Mini and Mini XL motherboard replacement guide [Deleted]

    The Motherboard Replacement Guide shows how to properly remove and replace the motherboard in a FreeNAS Mini or Mini XL. Many detailed photos are used to clarify and simplify the process.