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  1. R

    Failed HDD and Failed boot usb, unable to import zpool

    I have FreeNAS on a new motherboard, USB drive (New Install) after failed USB, motherboard, and one of 3 hard drives. trying to import zpool giving me middleware error, unable to import zpool status showing degraded zpool , degraded RaidZ01 one hard drive failed. how do I replace a failed hard...
  2. Heigre

    SOLVED Possible to use zfs-pool while 1/2 drives has been RMA'ed and awaiting replacement?

    Build: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 Drives: Seagate IronWolf 4 TB Number of drives in zfs pool: 2 Pool type: Mirrored Description: One of my two drives needs to be RMA'ed. The two drives are mirrored in a ZFS-pool. It it possible to remove the faulty drive (putting the faulty drive into offline and...
  3. Alan W. Smtih

    Does the motherboard port a drive connects to matter?

    I'm replacing a hard drive. It's in a cage that requires unplugging two other drives to get to it. I labeled the cords and drives to make sure I plug all three get plugged back into the same SATA ports on the motherboard. There's no mention of this being required in the documentation...
  4. Alan W. Smtih

    Is there a way to tell if a scrub is needed before attempting to OFFLINE a disk?

    I'm doing a read-thru of Replacing a Failed Drive for my FreeNAS 9.10 system before actually going through the process. There is a note after the first step (which is to OFFLINE the disk) that says: > If the process of changing the disk’s status to OFFLINE fails with a “disk offline failed -...
  5. Alan W. Smtih

    How can you tell if a zpool is encrypted

    I'm in the process of replacing a hard drive on my FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 system. There's a note at the beginning of Replacing a Failed Drive that says: > If your pool is encrypted with GELI, refer to Replacing an Encrypted Drive before proceeding. The first line in that section is: > If the ZFS...
  6. D

    Is it safe to replace both drives in a mirror if both of them are dying?

    Heh, crappy thread title, I didn't know how to put this better, so allow me to clarify. I have one FreeNAS box configured with a single two-drive mirror. This morning I received an email telling me that my drives are failing: Device: /dev/ada1, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors Device...