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replace drives

  1. H

    Replace all Hard drives (complete array) without losing my data or configurations

    Dear All, I was introduced to Freenas like two month ago while was experimenting with creating a NAS. I had an Old CPU tower that has two x1 TB hard drives . I created a pool with both drives and now they are full . I like FreeNas now so I bought 3x10 TB WD drives . I want to use them to...
  2. Kiran Kankipati

    my weird FreeNAS Drive replacement & upgrade - worth looking at

    today I attempted weird FreeNAS ZFS pool drive replacement and upgrade. And it worked flawless :p I feel this is where ZFS shows its true potential combined with powerful FreeNAS UI abstraction. I cannot imagine doing this with any other NAS platform.
  3. F

    Increasing space on a dataset when Volume has been increasedby changing all drives

    Hi, I've been using my freenas for a number of years now. Unfortunately, that amount of time doesn't translate to my level of experience, or my knowledge of the system i've built. I tend to "set and forget" and when an issue arises, I do my best to educate myself in order to repair the current...