render farm

  1. roberto0610

    640Gb RAMdisk as videoCache

    Hello, my name is Roberto. From Wenatchee WA-US. Here at the world wide capital of the apples. Hi. everyone. I'm approaching on building 2x FreeNAS one for my 1)LoTe [Long-Term] data and one for my 2)VERCa [Video-Editing-Rendering-Cache]. I been buying old used or refurbished gear from eBay and...
  2. T

    Storage for small Renderfarm

    Hi everyone, I did spent the last few days on reading on the whole FreeNAS topic and still am very overwhelmed as I am new to many things. I decided to create a thread to get help from experienced people to get a hint in the right directions, and what is best for my specific needs. (I am...