1. R

    How do i safely get rid of this 1 drive stripe?

    I dont want the stripe. Want to get rid of the stupid stripe and move da4p2 into one of the raidz arrays. Backstory is that at one time, i had one or two 8TB SATA drives that were only recognized as 2.2TB by the very old SAS controller. i had attempted to put them into their own RAID set to...
  2. W

    USB disk too much

    Running 11.2beta3, I had an USB disk (FreeNAS reports its 115.69 GiB) that I recently removed. It was a non-production, simple backup disk for friends. Now that I removed it, FreeNAS still thinks its part of the system. I'd like to remove that disk from FreeNAS. I searched the forum, its most...
  3. eexodus

    Can't remove comment from dataset in web UI

    I accidentally created a comment on my dataset via the web UI and now can't remove it. I can change the comment to something else, but blanking it out to nothing or just a simple " " space does not save the change when clicking Edit Dataset. Is there a way to remove comments via CLI; or has...