remote access

  1. D

    Non riesco a creare una jail

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo di FreeNAS e di tutte le community, penso di aver inserito questo post nella sezione giusta se così non fosse avvisatemi. Ho da poco tempo realizzato un nas con dei buoni componenti e sono anche riusciti a condividere la piscina in locale, ma ho servito anche fuori casa...
  2. 0

    Encryption and Wake On LAN (remotely enter password)

    I would like to build a NAS based on freeNAS using the ASUS P9DI motherboard a Xeon CPU and some ECC RAM. I need the data on the NAS to be encrypted securely, but at the same time I need a convenient way to access them. Since burglaries happen quite often in my district and data often is the...
  3. J

    foutieve nextcloud installatie

    Beste allemaal, ik ben sinds ongeveer een maand bezig met Freenas om thuis een kleine nas op te zetten. Als mooie aanvulling om mijn bestanden van buiten af te benaderen zag ik Nextcloud staan bij plugins. na een aantal pogingen blijft de installatie steeds hangen op: [EFAULT] Exception...
  4. siko11

    RESUELTO - Acceso a GUI desde VPN no posible, pero ssh sí

    Hola a todos, Soy nuevo en esta comunidad. Acabo de instalar Freenas 11.2 sobre un servidor HP. En un principio todo funciona correctamente pero cuando quiero acceder a varios de los recursos (gui y windows share) desde otra de nuestras oficinas no lo consigo. Nuestra red es la
  5. A

    Best server protocol for external file sharing?

    I have FreeNAS on an old server computer in my room and its sole purpose is to allow me and my friends to upload, download, and share large files with each other (because discord only supports 8mb and google drive only has 15gb for free). I used WebDAV because it is accessible inside of file...
  6. C

    Remote Sharing / Accessing FreeNas Out of the Office

    Our IT guy recently installed a FreeNas server in our law office. To access the directories remotely (which we need to do often) we must VPN into our network, then mount the drive on our remote computer. However, this process seems archaic and has problems. The connection often drops, and it...
  7. S

    Ombi secure remote access from a domain?

    I was looking in to a way to make this happen with a free domain hosting provider. This is the first time I've dealt with web domain hosting and I have some major questions. To get what I think I know out of the way, here's how I envision this happening: Server PC hosts Ombi jail NGINX jail...
  8. B

    Plex - Not available outside your network

    I have tried everything I can think of and for some reason the Plex server is sayin "Not available outside your network". I have checked my router and made sure it had UPnP support and did all the steps to solve it on plex support page... unfortunately I can not figure out for the life of me...
  9. E

    How to tell if someone is remote accessing my NAS

    Hi there, I have a FreeNAS box that is used for plex on the go for me, my father, and my brother. Currently, me and my father are in 1 location, and my brother is in another location on the other side of the country due to university. As my dad does not want the NAS on all the time (only when...