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recovery migrating

  1. Derkades

    SOLVED Directory empty after successful zfs import

    My boot drive (usb) stopped working. I am trying to get the configuration file. I installed freenas installer on a different usb (same version as the broken usb), booted from it and went to shell. I ran zpool import. It showed my storage pool and a freenas-boot pool. /mnt was read only so I...
  2. C

    Boot drive is lost - have two orphaned drives that I need to recover

    Apologies for not having too many details on my system. I changed the power supply in my NAS v8 machine and all was good. Machine has two 2TB drives. It was built about 3-4 years ago and I have not really done anything with it, except merrily go along reading and writing files. OK...you can hit...