1. Rintu

    TrueNAS Core Supports RTL8125GB NIC ?

    Hello Everyone!! I have build a NAS using TrueNAS Core OS and want to add an additional NIC to increase my data transfer rate. I have chosen a 2.5G NIC from eBay and want to purchase it. My question is will the latest version of TrueNAS Core supports this Realtek RTL8125GB NIC ? As in the...
  2. T

    Boot hang: IPMI system interface?

    I have recently put together a small NAS from the following components: Motherboard: DFI-ITOX BE171 (AMD AMD RX-427BB SoC) DRAM: 2x Micron 8GB PC3L-14900S 1866 MHz DDR3L SODIMM SSD: Micron M600 MSATA 64GB RAID controller: Startech PEXSAT34RH (Marvell 88SE9230) HDD: 4x 3TB HGST (HUS724030ALE641)...
  3. S

    USB Boot Not Networking

    I have installed FreeNAS 11 onto a USB stick and boot onto a DELL Inspiron 660 with a RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller NIC I cannot get FreeNAS to link up to the network. When it boots to Windows 10 there are no issues, so I'm sure there are no issues with broken cables / hardware etc (been...