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  1. M

    Child datasets of readonly datasets are not mounted

    Hi, I have the problem that child datasets of readonly datasets are not mounted and cannot be mounted: cannot mount '/mnt/tank/foo/bar': failed to create mountpoint The freenas box receives replication streams from another freenas box, which works fine. I also understand why it's set readonly...
  2. E

    SOLVED NFS 4.1 datastore mounted as read-only

    Hello, We have FreeNAS-11.1-U5 with VMWare vCenter 6.5 / ESXi 6.5.0. Currently we are using NFS 3 but we would like to move to NFS 4.1. NFSv4 is enabled (Services -> NFS) but when creating new datastore in vSphere it is attached in read-only mode. While looking at vmkernel log...
  3. R

    Disks in read-only mode

    I've two new disks I'm trying to burn-in/test before putting them in production. My FreeNAS server has multiple hot swap bays. (This is a 4U system from ix systems.) I put the two new drives into the empty bays. System sees them and gives them da21/da0 and da42/da43 dev numbers (dual channel...
  4. T

    NFS Share: RO to network, but RW to nodes

    Hi, I'm attempting to migrate my Linux file server over to FreeNAS. The nodes on the network use NFS to mount all shares - well, the whole house runs Linux (and soon FreeNAS of course), so why choose anything else ;-) Anyway, I'm struggling to export a share to the entire network RO, but at...
  5. M

    SOLVED Encountered Read-only file system problem, unable to create anything.

    Hi, I'm currently encountering an error on my datasets that does not permit me to make any modifications to it. I cannot read, write, or create datasets. I have tried "mkdir ____" or "touch test" in ssh terminal. Both give me the error "Read-only file system". I would greatly appreciate...
  6. nojohnny101

    replication dataset set a read-only

    My system specs for both my main server and my backup server are in my sig. I have found multiple threads on this issue but most are from around Feb/Mar of 2016. Here, here and here. I thought I would ask since most of those threads say it was something to be fixed by a software update. Both...
  7. J

    NFS 4.x vSphere datastore read only

    Running FreeNAS 9.10 Hi all - created a new dataset and shared it via NFS. NFS 4.1 is enabled in the NFS service. Not requiring any special credentials. Have the export configuration in FreeNAS locked to two specific hosts. The datastore shows up "read only" in vSphere client, but when I...