raid 0

  1. couzin2000

    Can FreeNAS boot and run FROM a USB stick?

    This is my first time posting. I've done multiple searches, so now I need a point in the right direction. I saw a video on Youtube (I think it was this one but I'm not sure without re-watching:, where it says that FreeNAS can be installed onto the USB stick, and can...
  2. A

    RAID 0 with different volumes

    Hello everybody, I have a virtual machine with FreeNAS 11 installed on Virtual Box. I created that for doing experiments and learning to manage this OS. As far as I know, if we build a RAID 0 with drives with different sizes, RAID would only take, from every drive, the equivalent storage to the...
  3. A

    RAID 0 com discos diferentes

    Olá, tenho uma máquina virtual com FreeNAS 11 em Virtual Box para experimentar e aprender a gerir este sistema operativo. Tinha percebido, que se criamos um RAID 0 com discos de tamanhos diferentes, o RAID só vai tomar a quantidade de GB equivalente ao armazenamento do disco mais pequeno. Porém...
  4. A

    RAID 0 y discos de diferentes tamaños

    Hola a todo el mundo, tengo una máquina virtual con FreeNAS 11 en Virtual Box para hacer experimentos y aprender a manejar este sistema operativo. Según tengo entendido, si armamos un RAID 0 con discos de diferentes tamaños, el RAID sólo va a coger de cada disco, tanta capacidad como el tamaño...