1. K

    Help with parts list for a 20TB NAS for an Video Editor

    Hi, My friend is a video editor and he's ask me if I can build him a 20TB NAS system. NAS is totally not in my territories, I normally build gaming PC. What he want is, is that the system is made of new parts and have to be as cheap as possible and also 20TB drive space in it. Can anyone help me...
  2. Beatlejuice

    M.2 multiPLeXing - QM2-2P/QM2-4P

    Hello everybody! Anyone came across these 2/4x m.2 4/8x PCI gen.3 adapters allready? - P is PCIe, S for Slow As far i found any information, they run an Avago PLX chip (not shure for gen.2) - down in the reviews, incl. pic, "...QM2-2P-344 and QM2-2P-384 on Windows PCs...." & the guy obviously...
  3. T

    NUC7i3 + External Storage

    Hi everyone, I am currently using a QNAP TS-251+ with 8GB Ram most for PLEX however even tough i like the OS interface and easy usage/accessibility, i am not satisfied with its performance. It has an Intel J1900 cpu which is old and weak. I am getting a NUC7 with i3-7100U to build my own NAS...
  4. T

    FreeNAS to QNAP RSYNC Guide

    Hello all, wondering if someone can outline the steps to setup Rsync from FreeNAS to QNAP. I have seen some bits and pieces of how to do it but cant seem to find documentation that is detailed enought for me to make it work. I am running FreeNAS 9.10 and QNAP 4.3.
  5. kroko

    Rsync speed gains when dropping SSH and using daemon. Can it be made even better?

    Hi, FreeNAS 9.10.2-U1 Currently I do (did) offsite backups from FreeNAS using rsync over SSH. I have set it up via cron (to execute a script) not rsync tasks. This is because scripting gives stuff that is not available in rsync tasks GUI anyways, like remote deletion backups shuffling (old...