1. K

    Official Python SDK

    Is there an official python sdk for the api somewhere?
  2. D

    iocage startup script

    I'm trying to setup a startup script to run two lines I currently do manually inside the jail source ~/py3-venv-pgadmin/bin/activate.csh python3 ~/py3-venv-pgadmin/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pgadmin4/ & I looked at a few resources, namely...
  3. K

    Set permissions for new dataset created from python script

    Hello, I have a python script that creates a dataset and a nfs share. It was really simple to implement based on basic Freenas python function but I also need to set default persmissions for this newly created dataset. Is there a way to do this from python like from the web interface under...
  4. P

    MotionEye rc.d startup script (working manually but not on startup)

    So the rundown is that I've successfully installed MotionEye in an iocage running 11.2 but I can't get my startup script to work. I more or less followed this to get everything installed. This command must be issued in order to start the service: meyectl startserver -b -c...
  5. N


    Sorry this might be a bit off topic, but I don't see a better place for this as the only one who could answer this question is going to be a developer who knows FreeNAS/BSD build "politics". Any idea when Python2 is likely to be removed from FreeNAS? The reason for my question is that I am...
  6. eivl

    I'm trying to restart a jail using the v2 websocket api

    So in case, this is an XY Problem, I will tell you first what I am trying to do. I would like to do some jail management from a private discord bot. The first iteration of this ran the bot directly on the FreeNAS machine and using subprocess call to run the `iocage restart jail` command, but it...
  7. A

    FreeNAS 9.10 pylibzfs

    Hi Everyone As mentioned in my introduction thread, I would like to stop being a cheapskate regarding hardware (which if I buy it to cheap end up dying on me), but also on backup systems. This is not entirely true. I would like to start backing up, but I am still working hard to make the lowest...
  8. nojohnny101

    strange dnssd_clientstub error messages cause shutdown

    so I did a bit of searching before posting and found this thread: from @DrKK It seems like I am getting similar messages and I do have two jails currently running; plex and plexpy. Aug 22...