1. J

    Putty does not accept root password

    Hi All. Glad to be part of your community. I am very new to all of this (2nd day in fact) and i am trying to configure jails and set up a FAMP. When i open session in putty im met with a login screen however when i enter root and then password it says access denied. I can login in ok with a...
  2. M

    Problem beim Festplattenimport mit $RECYCLE.BIN

    Beim Importieren einer Festplatte ist ein Ordner ($RECYCLE.BIN) auf mein Dataset geraten...war auf der Windows Platte. WinSCP rödelt stundenlang und hängt sich dann auf... Mit Putty schaffe ich es leider auch nicht... meldet immer Receycel: Undefined Variable HAt jemand ne Idee wie ich das...
  3. S

    Need Help with Putty and SSH tunneling to SMB

    Hey everyone! First off i have to thank the awesome community which allowed me to learn so much in so little time. Here is my setup: i have an old computer running freenas 9.10.1 on with ssh router forwarding ssh connections on port 10987 to the server no ip for a dyn dns...
  4. Terry Wilson

    When I putty into server and do ls or ls -l at ~# all I get are ??? in place of file or folder names

    System appears to be fine and in my case if I do a cd .. then a ls all the files are there and life is good. Where to look to see what is up?