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    FreeNAS public key - .iso verification

    Hello everyone, Per the manual I navigated to and downloaded 11.2-U6. I performed the sha256 of the file and verified the hash. I noticed the FreeNAS-11.2-U6.iso.gpg file but cannot find a FreeNAS public signing key to verify the hash. How do I...
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    SOLVED Issue with SSH & Private / Public Key

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this message today because I'm having trouble setting up properly an SSH connexion for my Freenas server. The goal of this is to access my server from my PC (Windows 10) in SSH using Putty. I've done some research and tried several solutions without any success yet...
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    What does a FreeNAS public key look like?

    Hi All, We bought a Freenas mini-xl to upgrade our current synology box so I am trying to set up an rsync task to migrate all data over the weekend. I've been trying to use this guide : but I got stuck in the part when I...