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  1. G

    Change FTP DefaultTransferMode to binary

    When I add in Auxiliary parameters: DefaultTransferMode binary it doesn't overwrite the line in the proftpd.conf file. It adds a line item later on in the conf file and doesn't change the default bahavior. How am I supposed to make this change? ServerName "servername.domain" ServerType...
  2. wombat-fertilizer

    ProFTPD terminating (signal 11)

    I know there has been reported before: Bug #31074 (Closed): proftpd crash Bug #27801 (Closed): Problem with FTP access after 11.1 Upgrade Bug #27670 (Closed): Update proftpd Bug #25963 (Closed: Insufficient Info): proftp does not start up @ProFTP: #650 segfaults with master branch But... I...
  3. M

    Unable to get FTP working - Permission denied

    Hi there, Fairly new to FreeNAS and built a home-made solution: DAS - Lenovo 70F10000UX 12 X 4TB WD Red HBA - SAS9200-8E Server - Supermicro 5017R-MF MB: Super X9SRi-F RAM: 64GB ECC RDIMM CPU: Xeon E5-1620 v2 Mirrored boot devices Here's the problem. I have a Brother MFC-L2740DW, which...
  4. I

    proFTPd: private & public folders

    Is it possible to create private and public folders using proFTPd? Also to make proFTPd to require password for the private folder? And if it is possible, then how? I would really appreciate screenshots or instructions on permissions on the dataset and the FTP-settings page. *EDIT 1* Tried...