1. M

    Hi there !

    Hello all. I'm there for solving questionsthat I might goton freenas. I'm testing it for professional purpose.but I test it at home purpose I works in healthcare fields . Managing system/networks for a 2500 employees.
  2. A

    My presentation Allgommes

    Hello everyone my name is Alvaro and I have some knowledge about computers and networks. Recently I set up a computer to serve as multimedia. Sharing a folder where I have all my movies, something that I succeeded with. However I wanted to install plexmediaserver to be able to view the movies...
  3. Jorgelhus

    Just a Newbie

    Hey guys! I'm Jorge, from Brazil. I'm a FreeNAS enthusiast, and I am really interested in learning with you guys! :)
  4. A

    Best choice ever

    Hi Everyone I am new to FreeNAS and have up until now relied on old synology NAS hardware that I could buy on the Danish version of Ebay (yes I have been a cheapskate). Recently my Synology DS409+ powered off on me and I were working on finding a way to get it alive again for a couple of weeks...