power consumption

  1. V

    Put drives to sleep

    I read in various places that you can configure FreeNAS to put idle drives to sleep. I'm not able to find the settings in FreeNAS 11.2, though, so I'm guessing that only exists in earlier versions. Can we still configure this in FreeNAS 11.2 to put drives to sleep to save on power?
  2. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED Energy saving

    Hey Everybody, A few weeks ago I asked how can I reduce the power of my FreeNAS Server so I just came with two „new“ ideas of saving some energy and I thought you could give me advises with that. SO my first idea is that I shut down my NAS when not used (like once a day when I go to sleep and...
  3. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED save electricity

    Hello Everybody, I set up my FreeNAS Server a week ago and it works pretty well so far. But because my CPU and my 6 HDDs consum a lot of electricity I'd like to know (also because of saving energy and be enviormently friendly) I'd like to put the server into sleep mode when not needed. SO the...
  4. F

    Cheap low energy usage build - Newb alert!

    Hi, Yes, I am new, and yes, this is going to be 'one of those posts'. The reason I post is because I seem to be confused about a couple of things, and I would like some help - any help is appreciated. What I have: Qnap TS-410, this is a very old NAS that does not meet my requirements anymore...
  5. B

    first build for a FreeNAS for cheap, too much overkill of a power monster?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum so if this is the wrong place to post please let me know how/where to move it. Basically I watched a couple videos from linus tech tips on server hardware, then I started hunting. Most of the stuff I got from ebay for really cheap except for a case bought new for...