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  1. C

    Ports and Server Accessibility

    Hello, I currently have FN 11 with two servers on it. FreeBSD setup using jails gui and used as a webserver with nextcloud on it Ubuntu setup using iohyve to run a Collabora Docker container I made the nextcloud web accessible by pointing the A record of a subdomain on my hosted domain...
  2. H

    PLEX - Port Forwarding with FreeNAS

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with something, as I'm new to FreeNAS but a long time PLEX user. I've setup a headless freeNAS server on on old computer and I've been using the Plex media server on FreeNAS for months now, it works perfectly. However, I just recently needed to access PLEX remotely...
  3. D

    Cannot port forward to FreeNAS server's local IP

    Hello, I just started using FreeNAS a few days ago, and I've encountered a bit of an issue... For some reason I can't seem to port forward to my FreeNAS server's local IP. I have tried a few different "open port checkers" online, but they show the specified port to be closed. (NB I have given...