pool layout

  1. Davvo

    Assessing the Potential for Data Loss

    This guide was written to be read from top to bottom without jumps, with the intent of spreading awareness to both new and experienced users; the author of this document assumes the understanding of the concepts explained in the following resources: ZFS Introduction ZFS Pool Layout Terminology...
  2. Davvo

    Dig the IOPS

    I get the feeling that most of us (myself included) rely too much on the 250 IOPS value used as reference in iX's ZFS Pool White Paper, so I wrote this bit in order to clarify things a tad. IOPS stands for input/output operations per second and represents how many read and write operations a...
  3. Davvo

    ZFS Storage Pool Layout 2024-03-14

    This amazing document, created by iXsystems in February 2022 as a "White Paper", cleanly explains how to qualify pool performance touching briefly on how ZFS stores data and presents the advantages, performance and disadvantages of each pool layout (striped vdev, mirrored vdev, raidz vdev). It...