pool configuration

  1. G

    Not able to Set SMB or FTP share Untill add user to Wheel Group

    I am using FreeNAS (11.2) from last 2 week Now i am Using 11.3 Beta 1 , When i try to share a folder on SMB with another user it always give me error contact administrator but every time i add that user to wheel group he can login, I try to create a primary group and add him and my admin...
  2. A

    Server Umzug von 2x RAIDs zu 1x RAID

    Hallo zusammen, mir ist nach langer Zeit aufgefallen, dass der Aufbau meines Pools nicht so effiktiv war wie anfangs gedacht. Ich habe ein Pool, der aus 2x 4 RAIDZ2 x 4TB besteht. Hätte ich diesen Pool nach 1x8 RAIDZ2 x 4TB aufgebaut, würde ich ganze 7 TB dazu gewinnen als gesamt verfügbare...
  3. ivanavm

    Adding new hard drive to mirror

    Can I add new empty hard drive to existing pool (with data) with only one drive? We should copy data from existing pool and continue working in mirror without data loss.
  4. Stone Monarch

    Moving all data from one pool to another

    So I recently switched from having FreeNAS installed on 3 HDDs in raid to putting it on 2 USBs in raid 1. but now I have 3 drive bays open and want to add more 3TB drives in its place. But i want to move all the data off the existing pool in a different one so can add the 3 drives to the HP...
  5. horizonbrave

    newbie new installation, pool suggestion for 4 drives (which then will be 8)

    Hi, by posting in the noob section I hope I'll be forgiven (of course I haven't done my homework!). I'm starting to use freenas with 4 drives of the same size (4TB, that's what I can afford now). The Dell T320 has 8 bays, so I'm going to buy another 4 in another time. To keep things easy I'll...
  6. M

    Best Method to convert pool from "stripe" to "RaidZ(1,2,3)" and preserve data and configuration

    Hi Folks; I found a deal to purchase a couple of WD Red 8TB NAS drives that I "shuck" out of Best Buy Easystores for $129.99 each. The ones made in Thailand typically have the Red drives the majority of the time. That said, I currently have a pool made up of 6 8TB red drives in a Stripe...