plugins fail

  1. Q

    FreeNAS 11.2 no available plugins

    Hi all! I'm new to FreeNAS, and I installed 11.2 the other day, have set a pool, and when going to "Available plugins" section, I get error "RuntimeError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: b'/mnt/dellnas/iocage/.plugin_index/*****.json'" Haven't changed the system settings much, and it is...
  2. BenGonGon

    Problème à l'installation d'un plugin

    Bonjour, Pour la première fois j'ai voulu tester les plugins sur mon freenas. A la dernière phase, ça a prit du temps et j'ai bêtement voulu contrôler l'activité du processeur. Ensuite j'ai vu que le jail était pourvu d'un joujou dedans mais rien pour configurer le plugin. J'ai attendu encore...
  3. R

    Lost Jail when moving from 11.0 to 11.2-Beta

    Good Morning, I updated FreeNAS from 11.0 to 11.2-beta and it looks like all my plugins have disappeared from the server. specifically I had Plex installed on 11.0 and when I upgraded to 11.2 beta Plex is no longer displayed in the Available pane however it looks like Plex is still active in...
  4. T

    Plugin and jail help before I swap over to unraid

    Need some help. I have been using freenas since 9.x. since FN 11 everytime I install plex sabnzb, cp, sickbeard. I can set them up as normal adding storage etc. Every 2 or 3 days now since I have been on 11.1 u5 they break i.e wont turn on or if they are on wont work correctly. I have all my...
  5. S

    New Plugins on fresh install (imported ZFS pool) systematically fail installing

    So, as I described in I imported an existing ZFS pool on a new installation of the latest stable build of Freenas. I am however puzzled, I can't seem to properly install plugins. (tried sonarr...