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    How can I update PHP5.5 to PHP7?

    Hi there! I have a Nexcloud jail installed from plugin, I would like to upgrade the current PHP5.5 to PHP7, is that possible? Thanks!
  2. K

    SSL vulnerability - apache24/php7

    hi, i installed nextcloud with php, apache and mysql (tutorial The problem is, that the SSL-Lab rating is F, because of the CVE-2016-2107 vulnerability. I have no idea where the problem is and...
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    HOW-TO: NextCloud 10 w/ Apache, PHP, and MariaDB

    HOW TO: INSTALL NEXTCLOUD 10.0.1 (and NC11) ON FREEBSD 9.10 JAIL Should also work with Nextcloud 11 with little to no change in setup. I wrote this guide primarily as a backup in case I needed to redo things over again, and decided to spruce it up and share it with others. The Goal: Put...