1. M

    Supermicro X11SSL-F and Pentium G5500 - Will it FreeNAS?

    Hi, the NAS I'm going to build needs to live in my bedroom and therefore has to be very quiet. It'll never serve more than 1-2 users at the same time and will be equiped with two 4TB HDDs (mirrored). Also it should be as cost-effective as possible while being safe (e.g. ECC Memory) and...
  2. Anonymouse

    What processor should you use?

    I wanted to have a FreeNAS system built for the basic purpose of storing data and having copies of that data so I can swap out the drive that died and continue with life. I don't need streaming or torrenting functionality. Uber basic FreeNAS I was going to put together non NAS sanctioned...
  3. davidgreystahl

    Hello and Thanks - June 2017 FreeNAS adopter

    Glad to be here on the forums. Had a lot of fun building my FreeNAS server. Documentation/Build Instructions for a Newbie like me:
  4. J

    Kaby Lake Pentiums and ECC RAM

    I'm considering one of the Kaby Lake Pentiums (probably the G4600) for my first FreeNAS build. The server will be used mostly for file storage in a home environment, so low TDP and low cost are more important than high performance. I do want a CPU which can handle ECC RAM, of course. And I'm a...