1. Barlog951

    VM virtual disk naming on system level

    I try to virtualize my FreeNAS in xcp-ng, PCI passthrough of external and internal SATA controllers end up great ( thanks for a great tutorial ) When I add virtual HDD and start installation system, in system level was like ada0 but I already have ada0 from my PCI controller So It's possible to...
  2. J

    grub-bhyve add -S parameter for wiring memory

    Hi, I would like to pass pci card to bhyve VM created by FreeNAS GUI. I have added vmm_load and pptdevs to loader and my PCI device (7/0/0) is correctly assigned ppt driver. I also have custom command that would run bhyve VM after start instead of auto starting by FreeNAS: bhyve -A -H -S -w -c...
  3. C

    LSI passed through to FN in ESXi - why no drives?

    I can't get the SAS connected drives to show up in FN. I don't know why. It should be supported. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? Please... have a look at the info and screenshots and let me know if you spot the problem. I've read all kinds of stuff and not seeing whats wrong here. Any...
  4. bitsquirrel

    pass-through of hard disks

    Hello all! I'm a relatively new (1 year) user of FreeNAS and I am very very happy with many things about it. One thing I'm unclear on, is where the official support fora are. Is this it? I suppose I was expecting a mailing list and/or IRC channel. Not complaining, just surprised. Okay back...