1. S

    Cinder Backup Failed

    Hi We have configured with cinder backup service and tested working. when am checking with cinder incremental backup I found the first time I can take the backup of the instance which is in use. When I am trying second-time backup getting failed due to FreeNAS API failed unknown reason. Can...
  2. marcelobill

    OpenStack Cinder Driver Multipath

    I am planning a possible FreeNas OpenStack based project and I would like to know if the OpenStack Cinder driver have multipath iscsi support. Has anyone implemented that?
  3. Agatti Labs

    OpenStack Manila driver(Shared file service) for FreeNAS

    Hello, We have developed OpenStack Manila driver for FreeNAS. Here is the github link for the same- We have tested this Manila driver successfully on- FreeNAS server version 11.0-U2 OpenStack version Ocata The README file there explains how to...