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    Correct AFP Share and Permissions Setup with OpenDirectory Users/Groups?

    FreeNAS : FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE Hello On the FreeNAS I set-up OpenDirectory binding correctly in order I can see/selecting OpenDirectory users and groups. Now I have troubles to set-up the appropriate AFP shares. The created volumes have the standard owner permissions "root/wheel". On this...
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    Secure Open Directory LDAP

    I've successfully setup Kerberos principals for authentication with my Mac mini server running MacOS (10.12.5) Server (5.3.1) and Open Directory. Everything seems to work great...
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    Creating a Share on a Mac Server

    Hi, I am simply trying to have my existing users home folders moved and able to be accessed through the NAS. I am running open directory on my Mac xserve. I currently have the users home folders(user data) being stored on an external hdd which is connected via firewire 800 to the server. All I...
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    Open Directory (LDAP) oddities

    I can query my open directory tree with getent. I can even start typing in names or groups in fields and it auto fills them. But they do not populate in the users and groups in the GUI. help please? Thanks,