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  1. S

    Degraded drive, unable to see data.

    Help needed, degraded state, I had drive DA4 show a fault, degraded state, I took the drive off line and replaced it, when this went "on line", the line "/dev/gptid...." came up, I then put DA4 on line. DA5 then went degraded. I tried resilvering nothing changed and I am not able to see any data...
  2. r2p2

    OFFLINE, ONLINE of encrypted disk does not work

    I might be doing something wrong but can't figure out what. Before going live, I thought it would be a good idea to test things with the help of a virtual machine. The result was a vm containing 2 disks for the operating system and 4 in an enrypted raidz2 as storage pool. When playing around...
  3. S

    SOLVED Failed drive not showing in GUI. Unable to view disk.

    Hi, I have a system where I used 4x 2TB Seagate Green disks. I have replaced 2 of the disks earlier, one with a similar one and one with a 4 TB WD Red. I've bought new WD 4 TB Red disks and were going to replace the rest, but haven't got there yet. Anyhow, yesterday I was tranfering a 20 GB...
  4. A

    Replacing disk in one of a pair of mirrors - decommissioning a mirror

    Hi, I think I just need someone to tell me my plan is correct and that I should proceed. I have a 4x2Tb FreeNas system which a mate set up several years ago. It now has FreeNas 9.3 which I realise is a bit old. One drive is failing SMART but still seems to be working... sorta. I believe I...
  5. elangley

    SOLVED Volume down; Error getting available space

    Hello All, I have a FreeNAS volume that is offline after an inadvertent server reset with "Error getting available space" and an alert message "State Unknown". The configuration is: FreeNAS 9.3 Stable running in VMware vSphere. The volume consists of two VMware virtual disks that located on...
  6. D

    Resilver restarts when taking drive offline?

    I am running RAIDZ2 and I began getting SMART errors on a drive. I did a scrub and then immediately added an additional drive (keeping the problem drive ONLINE) and began the resilver process. It was going along pretty good, about 10% per day. Around the 5th day, it slowed down to about 3% or...
  7. Tauq

    FreeNAS - Plex - Local

    I'm wondering if it's possible to run Plex Media Server on FreeNAS in a local network without Internet connection? I've had it connected to a internet based network before, but after I moved it I can't activate/startup the Plex plugin in FreeNAS, or any other plugin for that matter. Thanks in...