1. Keven

    SOLVED cannot connect to my SMB share since upgrading to windows 8.1

    Hi, I have many computer on windows 7 at home and i am starting to upgrade them to windows 8.1 embedded 64-bit, but when I tried to connect the windows 8.1 machine to the SMB share I have running it won't work, telling me I have the wrong credentials. on the 8.1 machine I have enable network...
  2. D

    CIFS Share not working for windows client [Solved]

    Hi Chaps, 1st install, please be gentle. Install went pretty well, very straightforward, all networking etc good, set it standalone, not AD. Followed the instructions, created volume, dataset, user, group, CIFS share, (same as i have done on ubuntu servers). Windows 8.1 & win-10 clients can't...
  3. T

    Disable NTLM Passthrough

    I am planning to migrate my company file servers to TrueNAS. One of the security enhancements I have enabled in my MS File Servers is disabling NTLM passthrough for mapped drives. This has the net effect of preventing crypto attacks from spreading to the network file systems. I still want my...