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    Struggling with adding mount point / media folders / detecting files in Plex on FreeNAS-11.2-U6

    Hi guys, I have been researching this issue all over the web. I just can't seem to get my Plex to find the media in the folders I have mounted. I use plex-plexpass 11.2-RELEASE-p14 (version says N/A) for FreeNAS-11.2-U6. I have tried the "non-plexpass" version as well, and it didn't make a...
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    FreeNAS not detecting SATA drive???

    Okay, so I just built up my NAS like it told me I should. I'm able to get into the interface and everything. It detects the boot drive, but the drive I actually want to be visible on my other network devices (like my PC) which is on SATA does not show up. I can't make a volume because it doesn't...