1. P

    SOLVED WD Red 8TB drives make clicking noise

    In my new build rig I found out that my four brand new WD Red 8TB drives make a clicking noise every 5 seconds. When the sata cables are not connected the clicking stops. Different sata cables and different sata port make no difference. I've searched the forum and found nothing much but this...
  2. Kennyvb8

    grinding noise - HDD

    Hello i have 6 HDD in raidz1-0 i think, and last night one of the disks startet makeing grinding noises, and still doing. Smart test shor/long all passes on all disks?!? so how do i figurer out which one is doing the noise? i have 2 new disks laying around i can easily replace 1-2 drives, but...
  3. B

    Has anyone personally compared WD Reds against HGST Deskstar for noise?

    I put 6x 4TB HGST Deskstar NAS drives in my build, and I knew there would be some audible tone.. but it's worse than I expected, and really quite unbearable for a home server out in the open. I don't have anywhere in the house with good ventilation to move the server to, so it's becoming a...