nfs 4.1

  1. tbaror

    XCP-NG very slow spin-on and guest user exprience

    Hello All, I have a system with 8 host connected to Freenas storage , all worked fine and since two days we have slowness issue , on Freenas console i can see following log sown below, don't know if its related , can that message could indicate some issue on system ? Please advice Thanks...
  2. T

    VMware 6.5 - NFS 4.1 Mounting Single Share across multiple hosts

    I spent the greater part of 4 hours on the phone with VMware support just trying to mount and NFS sharepoint across 2 hosts in my cluster. The problem that I am seeing is that no matter how I try to mount the datastore, it always ends up being 2 separate mounts (one for each host). Therefore, HA...
  3. F

    NFS inode count differs from ZFS

    So, I've noticed an interesting behavior. My FreeNAS reports a huge number of inodes (~4B) for one of my filesystems, but my NFS client shows a much smaller number. At one point yesterday a tool that I'm using reported that the filesystem had 100% of it's inodes used. That appeared to be a...
  4. tbaror

    Is PNFS Supported?

    Hello , Not very long time ago i asked about PNFS support with Freenas ,I was following the feature request feature and i can see that status is done. My question is it really implemented under current Freenas version (11.2) , if yes is there any documentation how to configure it ? , if not...
  5. E

    SOLVED NFS 4.1 datastore mounted as read-only

    Hello, We have FreeNAS-11.1-U5 with VMWare vCenter 6.5 / ESXi 6.5.0. Currently we are using NFS 3 but we would like to move to NFS 4.1. NFSv4 is enabled (Services -> NFS) but when creating new datastore in vSphere it is attached in read-only mode. While looking at vmkernel log...
  6. M

    Slow NFS reads (maybe directory reads)

    I have a iXsystems FreeNAS-mini sever with a point-to-point 10Ge (MTU=9000) connection to a workstation. The FreeNAS has 16Gb RAM, 4x4Tb disks, RAIDZ. When I run iperf, the transfer rate from the server to the workstation is an outstanding 942Mb/s. I have a directory mounted from the...
  7. A

    nfsd kernel panic in two FreeNAS 11.1-U4 machines

    I had two FreeNAS systems crash within fifteen minutes of each other. The culprit was nfsrv_checksequence and I filed a bug report at FreeBSD: I'm not sure whether FreeNAS does an upstream-tracking bug, but lemme know if I should create one.
  8. tbaror

    Is NFS 4.1 in FreeNAS 11?

    Hi All, Anyone knows if current version of FreeNAS 11 support NFS 4.1? Thanks