nfs 4

  1. tbaror

    Storage performance degradation to unusable

    Hello All, I have following system spec below , that used for almost 3years already with latest version :FreeNAS-11.2-U5 (Build Date: Jun 24, 2019 18:41) , with auto-tune enabled. Storage mostly used for XCP-NG vm guest spin-on on NFS SR(v4) dataset, and some dev team smb share ,All was...
  2. U

    Solved: Jail, Dataset, NFS share? Help for someone moving from standard NFS to FreeNAS

    I have an existing NFS server that I'm replacing with a FreeNAS system. The existing setup is that the NFS server has individual backup directories per IP-based server where each server gets access only to it's own share/sub-directory. So the existing physical setup on the old server is...
  3. J

    NFS 4.x vSphere datastore read only

    Running FreeNAS 9.10 Hi all - created a new dataset and shared it via NFS. NFS 4.1 is enabled in the NFS service. Not requiring any special credentials. Have the export configuration in FreeNAS locked to two specific hosts. The datastore shows up "read only" in vSphere client, but when I...