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    SOLVED bcm57416 10G NetXtreme Dell 14G

    All, I have just brought a dell server R540 14th Gen to use with freenas. the onboard 1G broadcom network are found and work fine, the add on dual intel 10G x550T nic is found, but the 10G mezz card with bcm57416 does not have any drivers loaded. it seems that there is support in freebsd bnxt...
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    NetXtreme-E 10Gb Ethernet CM57402

    Hi, Is NetXtreme-E 10Gb Ethernet BCM57402 card supported on FreeNAS? I have FreeNAS 11.1-STABLE working fine with the built-in GB Ethernet but the newly added Broadcom NetXtreme cannot be seen in ifconfig -a and indicated as "No Driver attached" in dmesg output. Can anyone help please? Thanks...