network drops

  1. Chin-Fah HEOH

    Loose 10GbE port causes ATA error count

    I have recently installed a 300TB FreeNAS (11.2_U5). It is running on a 16-bay Supermicro and expanded to a 24-bay Supermicro JBOD via AOC-S3008L-L8E (which is basically an LSI 3008 HBA). The HDDs are Western Digital HGST 10TB (P/N: HUH721010ALE600) There are 2 x 10GbE RJ-45 ports on the...
  2. T

    FreeNAS from baremetal pc hardware to ESXI server hardware

    I have had for a while now an install of FreeNAS 11.2 (most recently U4) on a re-purposed Intel i7 4970K with 16 GB of RAM, 3x mixed size WD Purple hard drives (started with what I have and will slowly increase drives to match size) in Raid Z, 1x 1TB Purple hard drive stand-alone for misc...
  3. R

    Advice on current Build - Will it FreeNAS well?

    Motherboard - Supermicro X9DR-F+ CPUs - (2) XEON 2670 10c RAM - 8x8GB Samsung 1600 DDR3 SATA Expansion - Adaptec 24 SATA Card I have 2 iStarUSA Cages as well to add an extra 8 bays to the 6 Internal Slots I have. I have been running FreeNAS 11+ with little problems for a while now. When I...
  4. D

    Freenas randomly not responding once with in 24 hours..Only way to get it running by hard reset or turning it off and on

    Hello everyone, Running into a little issue with my freenas. Wondering if you guys could help? My freenas keep losing internet connection atleast once a day. Map drive/web interface nothing works unless I restart. But while it lose connection, I dont get any error. What you guys think could be...
  5. chungcf2006

    Weird Upload Performance for FreeNAS

    I have installed FreeNAS 11.2 on a Dell PowerEdge R510 server and hosted it on a data centre. Now if I download some files from the FreeNAS server to my Desktop (via Internet), the performance is very poor. So I am using speedtest-cli, which is using the servers used by The...
  6. wisepass

    Network drops under load

    Apologies all, but I wonder if you might be able to help me with the following problem. Whenever my server is put under load (see below)...its network connection will suddenly stop – this is exceptionally consistent and will happen within minutes of a reboot if the system is put under enough...