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    Freenas share not browsable

    Hello, i have installed freenas for the second time (last time was with the legazy ui). I have set my nas box up with smb share. In the UI it says the share is browsable on the local network, but i can not find it... i can find the freenas box under network on my win10 pc, but i can not find or...
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    SMB Windows share drive mapping issues

    Hey all, I just got my freenas system working this week and am a noob at this. I'm running an old file server node that I got for free after my college upgraded its super computer. If you are curious it's running dual xeon 5420's (I will probably disable one to save power later), 16gb of ecc...
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    How to mount external network folder to Jail

    Hi All iv run out of space on my freenas system so have decided to move some files( not so important) to my windows machine. Ive shared the folder on the windows machine but for the life of me i cannot access it from inside the jail. # mount_smbfs -N -L
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    CIFS Drive not showing in Windows 10

    Hi - for the last few days I've been having issues with my mounted shared drive not showing in Windows 10. I'm not able to establish whether the root cause of this issue is within my local PC, or the FreeNAS server configuration so would appreciate if anyone could provide a few basic steps that...