network bridge

  1. PhiloEpisteme

    Network bridging to access two FreeNAS GUIs with 1 cable

    Apologies if this has been answered before. I've done some searching and found several posts discussing bridging but didn't see anything about my specific use case and I wanted to get a bit of advice/guidance before I set it up. I have two FreeNAS machines running currently, my primary and my...
  2. tuxbrother

    vnet Device bringt falsches Interface in die Bridge

    Hallo, noch neu bei der FreeNAS versuche ich zur Zeit eine Jail mit einem Interface über eine Bridge ans Netz zu bekommen. Die Bridge ist an ein 10GBe Interface gebunden. Doch sobald ich die Jail starte wird das erste Interface (über das FreeNAS mit der WebUI administriert wird) mit in die...
  3. wintered

    Network failing in VM after host network restarted

    Twice now I have observed that if my host networking is restarted (down then up, not really sure of the cause here), the networking in my jails ends up broken. Basically there are no longer IP address associated: root@home_11:/ # ifconfig bge0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST>...
  4. Z

    SOLVED FreeNAS Jail can't obtain IP from DHCP

    Hello everyone, Recently I spend a lot of time on trying setting up jails with DHCP. For unknown reason jail wound't get IP from the DHCP server. Because solution was so simple, I want to share this story and I hope this can save some time for someone who might have similar issue. I have a...
  5. DrexLock

    Change default NIC used by Bhyve for VM Traffic

    I have an existing FreeNAS 11 machine setup and running for sometime now. The hardware itself is pretty overkill for what I'm using it for, at the moment only general shares and Plex with potential plans for Bacula down the road. I've been considering leveraging bhyve to run a couple of VMs as...
  6. G

    Can't Access Internet Over Bridged Network

    I have a TP-Link router serving as my wireless adapter since I was having issues getting the FreeNAS drivers working with my Atheros wireless PCIe network card (the ath driver is supposed to support my chipset but it doesn't seem to want to play nicely). The TP-Link router is running DD-WRT and...